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The genre of Science Fiction lends itself to many uses. In the case of “Foot Soldier,” I used it as a medium to write a tribute to the spirit and valor of the men and women of our armed forces. The story encapsulates one day in the life of a combat soldier.

My thinking is that no matter what our political affiliations are, they deserve our support. They are after all our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and cousins. By any standard, they represent the best reflection of our society and face dangers and hazards with integrity and courage.

We've all heard stories about strange creatures: Bigfoot, Werewolves, Vampires. There are even ancient stories of powerful creatures handed down through the ages such as the Legend of Grendel. When I wrote Preternatural Creatures, I was thinking of a creature that it would be very unfortunate to cross paths with. The main difference is this creature has an intellect and power that is unmatched by anything heretofore known.